Why Earthy Company?

Since 2015, The Earthy Company has grown with the goal of providing accessible essential oils to years. The Earthy Company grew with a focus on quality and accessibility at affordable pricing.

Th Earthy Company is proud to offer its products to both wholesalers and consumers. Wholesalers may contact us for quotes on bulk orders, private labeling, or other general inquiries.

The Earthy Company understands that its customers are not numbers, but people of diverse backgrounds with individual needs. Yogis, practitioners, chefs, and aromatherapy enthusiasts are just a few of the consumers that buy Earthy's products. Each consumer uses our essential oils for various reasons, from medicinal to pest control. Regardless of use, Earthy promises that each of its products are manufactured from sustainable and all natural ingredients.

Earthy oils are sourced from plants grown all over the world, but certain growing principles remain consistent throughout. All plants are grown organically, without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Earthy oils are extracted in certified organic, kosher, and vegan facilities. Furthermore, all products go through rigorous quality control check in private facilities true to ISO standards (9001:2008 certification). Earthy partners with sources that stay on top latest quality control standards, and Earthy's ISO standards frequently change to reflect that.

Earthy products are rigorously tested with gas chromatography to ensure purity and potency. Earthy partners with suppliers that grow and extract oils efficiently and effectively. This allows for the sale of high quality organic essential oil products accessible to all. Adherence to ISO standards allows more efficient manufacturing at a rapid pace, without compromising quality and safety.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils, sometimes called volatile oils, are aromatic liquids derived from plants. Essential oils are called “essential” because they contain the “essence of” the plant's characteristics. The plants are distilled, usually by placing the plant material into an apparatus over steaming water, and vaporized. The compounds are then condensed back to a liquid, and then collected in the resulting liquid. Usually, this is done through a single process, but some essential oils like ylang-ylang are purified in segments.

The chemistry and properties of essential oils are complex and a subject on their own. Basically, essential oils are the “essence” of plants in liquid form. Essential oils can be used for a large variety of reasons, from medicinal to cosmetic. The most common reason why consumers buy our essential oil is to diffuse them for fragrance, but essential oils can be used from food flavoring to pest control!

How can I use Essential Oils?

You Can Use Essential Oils
In a Number of Ways

Dropper bottles are the most commonly purchased applicator. They can be dropped and slathered on the skin, on food, or in a diffuser. Placing the oils into your diffuser can be done a variety of ways depending on the diffuser. It’s best to read the instructions of your diffuser carefully to make sure you are using it correctly. As a general rule of thumb, you do not need to put the entire essential oil bottle into the diffuser. Instead, the diffuser is usually filled up with water, and a couple of drops are diluted from the dropper bottle into the water.


Other products, such as the roll on applicator, can be used by rolling the essential oils on to the skin. With a roll on applicator, the oval roller cap at the top keeps too much of the essential oil from being disbursed. A roller cap is used topically because it evenly distributes the essential oil on the skin. And if you like using the roller, you’ll love our single oil bottles as well! Single bottles are great to use in air diffusers and as drops for food flavoring and the like. Earthy essential oils are also available in candles and pillow mists.