Pillow Mist
Rest with your favorite aroma

Love our aroma so much that you wish you could sleep in it? Now you can. Earthy essential oils are now conveniently available in 250ml spray bottles so you can spray it all over your pillow, your bed, or even your clothes!

The best part is you don't need a diffuser! Simply press down and enjoy the lovely aroma of your favorite essential oils in the air, or on your pillow. By spraying your essential oils on your pillow means you won't have to spend much effort taking in the smell.

Pillow Mist can be purchased separately.

Essential Oil Roller
Roll your troubles away

Unwind without the hassle of diluting your essential oils and polishing them on to your skin. Our roll on essential oils are already diluted and ready to be applied. Great for soothing and hydrating your arms, legs and feet!

Perfect for entry level essential oil aficionados and very fun for kids, these complete the value of our essential oil kits. Our rollers are manufactured with attention to quality, with roller balls that do not leak and can withstand heavy use.

Roller bottles can also be purchased separately.

Essential Oil Blends
Blended with love in each drop

Compact and simple to use, our essential oil dropper bottles are the most popular choice among our customers. Earthy dropper bottles are small enough to be placed in purses and backpacks, which makes them very travel and airport friendly. Earthy essential oils come with screw on caps that do not leak or break easily.

And, to cover all bases, Earthy bottles use glass, which means they are not being contaminated by the plastics competitor bottles use!

Essential Oil Bottles can be purchased separately.

Set your passion aflame

Looking for a stronger, smoky scent? Burning our candle will envelope you in our signature aroma. Get into your Burmese position and enlighten your mind with our special essential oil blend packed in a candle.

Our essential oil candles warm up a room with a slow burning, unique scent, which can be enjoyed all day. Perfect for romantic occasions, bathroom decor, or dinnertime, these candles should be apart of the ending to a long day.

Candles can be purchased individually.